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"I’m here because I believe in the power of female philanthropy. Both its
power for the women who give, as well as for the organizations and
businesses they support." - Michele Rebeor

Engaging the power of women in philanthropy



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Michele M Rebeor Consulting, LLC

Owner | Strategic Consultant

About Michele


Before starting my own consulting business in 2016, I spent 10 years as director of the Women & Philanthropy program for the Arizona State University Foundation. It was a young program with few precedents when I started, and it was my job to find out where it could go — and then take it there.

Successful fundraising —

for organizations large and small — always comes down to your effectiveness in building strong, productive relationships.

As a seasoned philanthropic and community-engagement professional, I have more than 25 years of experience building innovative programs focused on internal and external constituent relationships. I’ve worked with large and small organizations, education and healthcare institutions, and communities. But I believe what makes my array of experience so unique is my strategic, hands-on experience exclusively in the powerful, burgeoning world of women’s philanthropy.

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I would love to have a conversation with you about how I can help your organization reach out to and engage with the powerful world of women’s philanthropy. Let’s talk.

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