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Michele M Rebeor Consulting (MMRC), specializes in helping nonprofits of all sizes with fundraising evaluations, identification and implementation of innovative practices that maximize their current and prospective donor relationships using meaningful and intentional philanthropic opportunities.

Donor Relationship Development


Donor analysis

Understanding your database of donors is a vital element of the assessment process.

To recognize the true capacity, Michele will lead you and the Board through a process of identification, evaluation and prioritization of your current donors measuring relationship, affinity, capacity and access.

research and


Michele will research and review the history of the organization, services and fundraising-related documents and strategies.

There will also be discussions to gain a greater understanding of challenges, strengths, goals and outcomes needed.


MMRC will conduct confidential conversations with 5-6 key current staff, volunteers
Board Members and donors about the direction, approach, and focus of fundraising.

A fundraising Strategy will identify the financial and other expectations needed to meet annual and future goals. A well thought out strategy is critical for non-profits to prioritize their projects and target their resources effectively.


Training and education sessions will be provided to help staff, volunteers, and board members fully understand the process, purpose and details of the plan. MMRC will also provide guidance on Board recruitment, structure, and engagement as well as recommendations about incorporating data and metrics in successful fundraising.

Like the flapping of butterfly wings...the smallest, seemingly insignificant action by one can influence destinies for many.

—The Butterfly Effect

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