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Michele will help you effectively navigate the escalating role of a woman's impact through their philanthropy. She will coach you and your team to identify women-focused engagement strategies, from simple to sweeping, that will make a meaningful difference in your donor relationships and strengthen your organization now and for the future. 

Engaging Women Donors


Michele will help you translate current research into understanding it's impact and determine how we can apply that information to benefit your organization.


MMR Consulting will help your organization better understand the motivations behind women’s giving and implement practical changes that will facilitate deeper connections with female donors and prospects.


Integration is the key for maximizing donor relationships with women. Michele will coach your organization on identifying and implementing strategies to increase the awareness and nuances of this key audience. She can help you review your current institutional resources, priorities and goals to integrate this new concept.


The potential is in the data. Michele will teach you how to evaluate your current donor data, so you can extract relevant female-focused information. Then, your organization can be most effective and efficient in building donor relationships. 

Training & Workshops

MMR Consulting can provide workshops and training for leadership, board members, volunteers and staff. These workshops provide audience-specific education on why and how to incorporate strategies focused on engaging the female donor. 

New Program

If you want to take the integration of a women-focused strategy even further in your organization, Michele Rebeor is a leading expert in understanding the strategies and pitfalls involved. She will coach you through building and implementing a specific women in philanthropy program that is entirely customized to the needs and resources of your organization.

"I believe in the significant power of women and the impact they  make through their philanthropy. As its not only the power of the women who give, but the strength they bring to the organizations they choose to support." ~Michele

We invite you to contact MMR Consulting to discuss how we can support your organization's goals by further engaging with the powerful world of women and their philanthropy.

Let's talk.

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