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The traditional strategies and practices of donor prospecting, cultivation, and stewardship are

no longer “one size fits all.”  Many of the industry standards were established when households, finances, and decision making were male-centric.

The focus now should be towards women-focused engagement strategies. We wish it was as easy as increasing your focus on women. But, the reality is it can be difficult to achieve without a conscious, strategic integration of this concept into ALL areas of your organization. 


The time is now to consciously engage women, so your organization will be the beneficiary of their philanthropy. 


Engaging Women Donors

Michele specializes in helping organizations adapt to the rising role of women in philanthropy. Lean on her 25+ years of expertise to gain an understanding of the subtle, but significant differences between men and women donors, and to implement women-focused engagement strategies that will strengthen your organization for years to come.

Donor Relationship Development

With Michele as your consultant, you’ll learn how to make strategic changes to deepen donor engagement, maximize ROR (Return on Relationship™), and achieve your short- and long-term development goals.

Fundraising Assesment, Strategy and Implimentation

MMRC offers support for organizations that wish to improve their fundraising efforts. This is done through research & review, strategic sessions, donor analysis, training and education.

Michele has a range of relationship-focused strategies and experiences that translate into increasing donor retention, improving event and committee related impact, building a culture of philanthropy and guiding women and families in their personal philanthropic journey. 

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