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“I have been privileged to work with Michele for nearly 10 years and will miss her contagious spirit, dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. Under her leadership, the ASU Women & Philanthropy program has experienced a momentous increase in investors — currently at our highest level and nearly double the amount of annual grants to ASU. I am extremely grateful for Michele’s expert, tireless contributions to Women & Philanthropy.” 

—Dr. Sybil Francis,

ASU Foundation Women & Philanthropy Chair; Executive Director, Center for the Future of Arizona; wife of ASU President Michael Crow

 “Michele’s work is exceptional and her leadership remarkable. As director of Women & Philanthropy, she helped create a most successful program for ASU, the community and the entire state.”

—Jeanne L. Herberger,

PhD, Vice President, Herberger Enterprises, Inc.; Community Philanthropist; Founding Investor and 2009-12 Honorary Chair, ASU Women & Philanthropy

“Michele deserves great thanks for all she did for the Women & Philanthropy organization, but I also greatly appreciate the support and encouragement she gave me in guiding me to establish my own scholarship fund at ASU. I would never have done it on my own, or even thought I could possibly do something like that, if it weren't for Michele’s support. She is truly making the community a better place.”

—Linda Redman,

ASU Women & Philanthropy investor

 “Michele left an AMAZING legacy with her founding work for Women & Philanthropy. Her efforts to build our very special 'community of caring women' under the umbrella of ASU will never be forgotten. I am a big fan of hers!”

—Robin Milne,

Community Philanthropist; Founding Investor, ASU Women & Philanthropy investor

“Michele has been the guiding star of Women & Philanthropy all these years, and she made each year bigger and better than the one before. I will forever admire her devotion and hard work.”

—Janis Lyon,

Community Philanthropist; ASU Women & Philanthropy investor

“Michele was the glue that held all the parts together.  Her time and efforts were so important in making Women and Philanthropy the success it is.  Her smile made me feel welcome and I appreciated her help in guiding me toward additional involvement with Women & Philanthropy.”

—Barbara O’Malley,

ASU Women & Philanthropy Investor

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