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Women's Philanthropy

When your organization hires me to help you establish a women’s philanthropy engagement strategy, my job is to help you navigate this nuanced audience and make changes — from simple to sweeping — that will make a difference for your bottom line.


I will help you translate current research into understanding and determine how we can apply that understanding to your organization.


I will help your organization better understand the motivations behind women’s giving and implement practical changes that will facilitate deeper connections with female donors and prospects.


Integration is the key for women’s philanthropy. I will teach strategies to increase awareness of this key audience in finance and accounting, prospecting, stewardship, marketing, leadership and all other relevant departments in your organization.


The potential is in the data. I will teach you how to evaluate your current donor data to extract relevant female-focused information.

Staff training

I will provide workshops and training to help your development staff incorporate new ideas for engaging the female donor. I can help you review your current institutional priorities and materials to integrate this new direction without adding staff or budget increases.

New program

If you want to take integration of women’s philanthropy further in your organization, I can help you strategize, build and execute a specific women’s philanthropy program that is entirely customized to the needs of your organization.

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I would love to have a conversation with you about how I can help your organization reach out to and engage with the powerful world of women's philanthropy. Let's talk.

Female Philanthropists
Female Philanthropists

It is my utmost honor to help women confidently step into their own philanthropic power. I can help you focus your goals and find the area where you can make your most fulfilling investments.


I will help you discover your passion and learn how you can make the most impact.


I will help you gather the necessary knowledge of the philanthropic landscape in your area of interest. What’s out there? Where will your contribution make the biggest difference? I’ll help you navigate this journey.

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My job is to support powerful women who are engaging in philanthropy at the community and grassroots level to make significant changes that matter deeply to them.


Dollars are not the only measurement when it comes to how women can support their community. Influence, advocacy, time and expertise are all critical roles.

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“Like the flapping of butterfly wings...the smallest, seemingly insignificant action by one can influence destinies for many.”

—The Butterfly Effect

Additional Support
Additional Support

My comprehensive fundraising experience extends beyond my 10+ years of work in women’s philanthropy. With more than 25 years of highly successful development, engagement and leadership experience, I can help your organization meet your goals through a variety of additional areas of support, including but not limited to the areas below.

Serving as a speaker for donor, staff, leadership, development or employee audiences.

Assisting with development and overall strategic planning.

Managing special events and conducting effective event follow-up.

Jumpstarting employee engagement to create a culture of philanthropy and giving.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out how my experience may be able to help you grow your organization’s future impact.

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